The big show is open!

-Buttery Toast- Chained Heart - Coming soon to the Big Show!

The big show is open! SO, something new from the land of Toast. We decided to make some bracelets and rings this time because Mama Toast learnt a new way to bake and she wanted to test it out!

So, here are some very nommy metal bracelets and rings in four magnetising metals; rose gold, gold, silver and black. Each heart jewel can be changed via a hud into 12 different colours (The ad is wrong. I forgot how to count.)

So don’t delay! Head to the big show today! 

Sir fluffybutt update!

Hello! I’ve updated the HUDs for Sir Fluffybutt, so now you can change the ears, nose and collar to all 8 colours to allow more mix and matching.

I’ll be sending updates if you’ve purchased before. If you don’t receive your purchase, just send me a message in world; Faylinn Erin

-Buttery Toast- Sir Fluffybutt - Hud update

And! For October only; limited edition halloween version! You’ll receive all four colours (Included black as a little bonus for you!)

-Buttery Toast- Sir Fluffybutt

The Candy fair is now open!

So you’ve been seeing the teasers for a week now, I think it’s time to let you in!

The Candy Fair is now open. Spread across two candy-licious sims you are sure to get that mouth watering. You’ve got two weeks to get all these goodies as it closes on the 17th October!

-Buttery Toast- Candy Fair is now open!

For this very yummy fair -Buttery Toast- has lots of goodies for you. The first being the -Buttery Toast- trading cards! Find these at the glorious gacha garden (right by the chocolate river!). Grab the album (free, right next to the -Buttery Toast- gacha machine), Play the gacha; there are 20 cards to collect! Then once you have a card you want to put into your album, open up the box. Add the card to your avatar. You’ll see it on your mouth. Add the book or place it on the ground.

Simply touch the card to bring up the menu. Read; reads the states of the card to you. Transfer; transfers the card to an album that you are wearing of have rezzed.

Once the card has been put into the album the card will not be able to be used again (nor can you re-box them); this means you are unable to re-use the card in another album. Click on the redeemed cards in the album to read the stats out!

Have fun trading with your friends!

Then, we have four new super yummy headbands. Each one allowing you to change the colour of every single part. It’s a big old fatpack of colours rolled into one! Not a headband person? Toggle the band visibility and play till your hearts content.

Lastly (Oh yes, I told you goodies were abound), -Buttery Toast- and the perfect  //elephante poses// collaborated to bring you….

DONUTTY!  10 yummy static poses and a delicious donut for you to be that little sugar high Princess!

EP & BT made a thing!

So, what are you waiting for?
Candy Fair landing point
-Buttery Toast- @ the Candy fair
 //elephante poses// @ The Candy fair

One lazy super lazy sunday!

Why good morning.

-Buttery Toast- I've got my eyes on you!

It is Sunday and -Buttery Toast- is participating in this weeks round of Lazyness! So for you little monsters, we’ve made eye headbands.

In 8 different colours, with the ability to change the eye colours! Not keen on hairbands? Turn the band off and you’ve got a cute pair of eyes sticking through the top of your head.

But make sure you pop by to grab them at this price today. As tomorrow (the 29th) they will be back at their normal release price!

Mainstore taxi 

Events ending @ -Buttery Toast-

Heya cuties; here are the current events -Buttery toast- is in at the moment and that are ending soon!

Thrift Shop:
.:Buttery Toast:. Emelia(Save yourself 50%!)

.:Buttery Toast:. Sir fluffybutt

Big Show:
.:Buttery Toast:. Oliva

Fit for a Princess:
.:Buttery Toast:. Elisha

September has been a fantastic month, so keep tuned to what October will bring!

New group gift @ -Buttery Toast-

-Buttery Toast- Group gift

Hello cute lovers!

I realised today how long it’s been since I made some sort of clothing (I adore making tights!) I keep being asked about Them bones and Gradient socks, so, to sort of tackle both I’ve made Them Bones in tight form with the gradient colours I made before!

Because I made these fully from scratch, I wanted to give them as a group gift! Unsure if there will be any more clothing from me so please don’t ask for appliers for such and such. Please, just enjoy the toastie gift! <3

Go to the mainstore to grab them! Taxi <-