What’s new @ .:Buttery Toast:. 25/07/14


.:Buttery Toast:. has a real busy week. Today we have a double whammy of two new items to complete the Rule of Cute set!

Firstly main-store news!

Continuing on the Rule of Cute set. These crowns come with a hud which allows you to change the heart and the beads!

Secondly, make sure you wear the group tag when purchasing in-store! We have upgraded vendors and are happy to announce you gain 15% store credit when you purchase in store!

.:Buttery Toast:. Rule of Cute - crowns


Finally, a new round of the Black Dot project started. For this, .:Buttery Toast:. has put out the final part of the Rule of cute; a collar and cuff set. These are marked down 20% for this special event!

.:Buttery Toast:. The rule of cute - Choker/cuff set

New @ The Cosmopolitan Sale Room

Good morning! A new round of the Cosmopolitan Sale room has opened! I’ve been real excited for this round. Give those tootsies some air with these new forecast flipflops. 

I’ve been wearing the raindrop ones, doing a raindance, hoping that it’ll rain! (No luck yet, tell me if you fair better ;)

Buttery Toast - Forecast Flipflops

Now, as they’re limited to CSR they are only 99L for the next two weeks.

Rigged mesh with a texture change hud for the base and band. Includes both female and male slink feet options; do make sure you try the demo! 

Buttery Toast - Hud for Forecast Flipflops


If you’d like to buy these for your partner (matching is cool!) just “touch” the vendor and choose the gift option :) 

Whatcha waiting for?! CSR AHOOOOOY! 

.:Buttery Toast:. goodies at Free*style!

Good morning, it is super early here but I am incredibly excited!

I’ve just plopped down two freebies at Free*style! Now, if you don’t know who or what Free*style is, where have you been living? If you are a freebie hunter, make sure to check out their blog here 

Now, Buck tooth toast, was sick and tired of Chocolate, Jam and Buttery having all the fun. He got laughed at for his little buck teeth, and that’s not nice is it?! So! He has a new set and it’s 100% free at Free*style!

.:Buttery Toast:. Buck tooth tooth wants some love!

Along with this, I have a new 10L offering at the headquarters. My first (rigged!!!) slink shoes! I’ve named these after my favourite song (I’m a fluffy little cloud) which I used to sing all the time as a child! So I really hope you enjoy these.

.:Buttery Toast:. Shoes for Free*style

Be sure to check the other designers and grab some really good deals!

Have fun shopping!