-Buttery Toast- is closing.

It’s with heavy heart that I announce the closing of -Buttery Toast-

The time has come to me to focus on my real-life, I won’t bore you with all the details but it’s an incredibly busy time and it needs me 100%. I just don’t have the time for Second life anymore. Juggling both my real-life job and Buttery Toast has become too much of a struggle for me and of course, I’ve got to focus on the real world. This does not mean -Buttery Toast- is not, or was not important to me, because it is. It still is and always will be.

Papa is fully supportive of this decision. It was something we had spoken about before and he’s the one who kept me going. However, we re-spoke again and realised that it was too much for me at the current moment in time. Don’t fret, Mama and Papa are still together!

I want to thank all of my bloggers, valued customers, event organisers and friends for believing in me right from the start. My toastlings, you crazy bunch of people, always put a smile on my face and for that I thank you.

I’ve dug through my inventory and found some of the items I’m asked about the most; Them Bones (socks) being one of them! These have been put out in the mainstore until I close and pick everything up.

This may not be goodbye forever. I will leave the door ever so slightly open so that, if things do settle down I can come back and continue. However, for the near future, there will be no more releases. (Well, there will be one. I WILL be in OMGacha as I’ve got the items fully ready)

So, the part you really want to hear. There is a sale. Everything will be 50% or under, newer gachas excluded from this because I don’t feel it’s fair (Electronic Library, Gingerbread playset). If I find a small shop or place, I will keep a few items out and up but I’ll let you know about this as things develop.

Thank you, from the very bottom of our hearts.

Mama and Papa Toast.